Overview of foundation funding

Foundation funding overview

Here you will get a first overview of the most important forms of foundation funding.

These include, of course, the start-up grant or the start-up money and special loans. But you can also use other funding opportunities from the EU or the Free State of Saxony. You usually have to apply for these through the SAB (Sächsiche Aufbaubank).
In addition, I would like to point out the funding opportunities for women, which are usually not so well known.

You can learn more about all these topics in the following sections or on the following pages.

Funding before the foundation

I regularly receive requests whether I can create a suitable business & financial plan for the start-up grant, the start-up allowance or special start-up financing. Of course I could do this. But this is not exactly favorable for you. On the one hand it would be expensive, because you would have to pay for my hours. And on the other hand you can’t reflect and decide for yourself. In addition, you may not be able to convincingly answer questions from authorities, the bank or investors and thus risk further losses.

Therefore, I would like to draw your attention to two funding opportunities that are often overlooked and are particularly valuable in these cases:


These are the two important subsidies, one of which you should use before the actual foundation. With their help you can create the business plan (incl. market analysis, etc.) and the financial planning yourself or with guidance at low cost. In addition, you can discuss all other steps before and after the foundation, clarify your open questions and thus better decide whether the risk of a foundation is justified. This way you are perfectly prepared for the foundation itself and for any other funding or loans.

In some cases, at least in Saxony, also the InnoStartBonus[external page, DE] my bei interesting.

Wenn Du Personal oder Anschaffungen finanzieren musst, ist der sicherlich eine gute Wahl. Diesen erhälst Du über Deine Hausbank bzw. die KfW (Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau). Bitte beachte, dass Du auch für Kredite einen Business- & Finanzplan benötigst. Eine Bank will ja wissen, ob und wann Sie das Geld zurück bekommt.

If you need to finance personnel or purchases, the ERP Start-Up Loan StartGeld[external page, DE] is certainly a good choice. You can get this from your bank or the KfW (Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau). Please note that you also need a business and financial plan for loans. A bank wants to know if and when it will get the money back.

Subsidies after the foundation

The two important alternatives after the foundation are often:

OR the

However, there are also other funding opportunities from the EU or the Free State of Saxony. These include subsidies for the topics:

In addition, specially subsidized loans can be applied for through the KfW (Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau).

Special funding for female founders

There are also subsidies that specifically support women in becoming self-employed. For example, women who do not receive a start-up grant or start-up allowance can also apply for the so-called “GründerINNENprämie” (start-up bonus). It covers living expenses and social security.

In addition, a grant of up to 8000 euros is available to women in rural Saxony.

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I found Karsten’s advice on starting a business excellent and a real added value. If you need advice you are in really good hands with him.

Thank you Karsten

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