Tips on Iussues related to starting a Business

Your questions about starting a business

In the following sections you will find initial tips related to your business start-up in Dresden, elsewhere or online. I hope, they will help you on your Questions about your iussues concerning your business.

To live my freedom, is that really possible?

What fulfills me and how do I want to work? These questions occupy more and more people. If you too would like to live financial independence, self-determination and creativity in your working life, you’ve come to the right place.

So face new challenge and personal responsibility and grow. Don’t be afraid to be yourself and that all the time. Let’s figure out together if the skeptics in your family and friends are right or if your idea is actually as good as you think it is.

You are especially welcome, when your foundation concerns

  • fair products for all people,
  • ecological, responsible manufacturing and
  • meaningful work for yourself and all employees.

In addition to tips on starting a business, I will also be happy to pass on interesting contacts to you.

Go for it and let me help you, with my knowledge as well as with more than 15 years of experience in being self employed.

What awaits me?

Starting your own business is a brave step. With my work, I pursue the approach that you can build and apply new knowledge and skills on the subject of starting a business. To do this, we always clarify all your questions and define your path for the start very clearly. It is also important to minimize your risk by creating a feasible business plan and a realistic financial planning. Feel free to use the free seminar for this.

Despite this, it is not only about your protection. Rather, I also want to support you to prove your courage and skill and to be a role model for others.

Do I have to write a business plan?

It is always recommended to write a business plan, because it usually serves you in 2 ways. The first way is self-reflection. By writing the business plan, you can make all the points clear to yourself (and to your team, if necessary). It helps you to plan your sales in such a way that you can exist economically safe and in the long term. So you additionally find out for yourself exactly where your limits are and when you should stop in order not to lose money.

In addition, it is a prerequisite for the start-up grant or financing with a bank.

Note: If you also see a business model canvas as a “business plan on a sheet of paper”, please be careful. It may sound very tempting, but it usually only works in Hollywood. However, the canvas does contain some important points. So feel free to use it as preparation, but not for applying for grants or loans.

Overall, a business and financial plan will help you avoid having to figure out all the risks after you start and very likely lose money in the process. In other words, the more detailed you are in your preparation, the less risk you will have to take.

Do I need commercial skills?

No, you don’t need to. For one thing, it depends on the complexity of your business, and for another, you can always call in experts. This applies not only to accounting, but also to legal issues, insurance, loans, marketing and much more. The important thing is to find the right partner and calculate so that these costs are covered. You can also learn which points are important in a seminar for start-ups.

Are there financial aids for founders?

You can get money for your startup at these places.

Federal Employment Agency or Job Center

  1. Work placement voucher for training and start-up courses BEFORE start-up.
  2. Start-up grant for living expenses AFTER start-up


  1. Dispo / overdraft
  2. Financing


  1. Guarantee
  2. Money (given, borrowed)

In the first step, it is always recommended to attend a seminar on starting a business, sponsored by the employment agency. As a result, you will have a viable business and financial plan in place to discuss with any funders.

How do I get them?

The surest way to be convincing at any of the above jobs is to have a business and financial plan. You can get content ideas for this HERE.

If you want to get more tips and support on starting a business, you can tackle the steps before you start.

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His sound, wide-ranging and individualized advice was a valuable foundation on the road to our own business.

He understands how to explain complicated issues in a way that is comprehensible to lay people unfamiliar with the subject, and how to create a relaxed yet focused working atmosphere.

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