Steps before starting a Business

Your steps before starting a business

In the following, you will get a first overview of your steps before starting your own business.

1. Clarify general questions

First of all, we will clarify all general questions you may have in preparation for self-employment, e.g. whether you are eligible for funding, which deadlines are important and what else you need to observe and do. You are welcome to make a free telephone appointment.

2. Employment agency and job center

This is definitely where you should report. On the one hand, because you have to, as soon as you have quit or will. For another, because there are grants there that will help you a lot.

It’s not just about getting your unemployment benefits until you start up. You can, for example, apply for a job placement voucher (AVGS). This means that you can attend free training courses to prepare yourself. In addition, you can secure entitlements for your start-up subsidy.

Copy the text from the template now to apply for your voucher.

My Name
Freedom Street 1
02025 Future City

Employment agency or job center
PLZ city

Date: ___.___.______

Application for an activation and placement voucher (AVGS)

Dear Sir or Madam,

I plan to start a self-employed activity. Therefore, I apply for the issuance of a personal activation and placement voucher.


The measure Heranführung an die tragfähige Selbstständigkeit (144 UE) is suitable for very well me. Therefore, I intend to promptly a private education provider with it.


In addition, a high learning quality is important for success. Therefore, I ask you to grant me a period of 8 weeks for the implementation of the above measure.


If you process my application immediately, it would help me a lot, as I would like to change my current professional situation as soon as possible.
In case of rejection of my application, please send me a written notice stating the reasons for rejection.


Thank you in advance for your support


Best regards


3. Plan sequence

If you have received a voucher, you are welcome to forward it to me. Then we will plan the consultation dates and content. If you don’t get a voucher, you are welcome to book a ticket for a professional Q&A session or a multi-week tutorial.

4. Implementation

intensive, with voucher

If you send me a voucher, I will pass it on to the employment agency via a certified office. We then make appointments once your voucher is processed there. After that, we work through all the issues together in the appointments:

  • Write business plan & create financial plan
  • Determine strategy and first steps after startup
  • Planning marketing and sales
  • Self-management in self-employment
  • Social and environmental sustainability
  • Clarify open questions

More about the possible contents of the seminar can be found here.

guided, without voucher

If you have booked a ticket for the tutorial, we will arrange appointments at sensible intervals. We also clarify what you need to do between these appointments. The topics correspond to the intensive guidance. After that you start and we evaluate your progress in each appointment. In addition, you will receive tips per appointment on what you need to rework and who can help you.

5. Start

You have now completed the steps before starting your own business. In addition, you will find information on what you need to do to get started. You can also look at these points when you are done with the consultation.

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Karsten Schmidt is very competent and sees things as they really are. He brought a lot of light into the darkness for me and guided me excellently through the swamp of many ambiguities. With Karsten Schmidt, you are not a number, but a person. He dealt with my questions (and I had many) in a very individual and practical way. I would like to be very critical of consultants, but I can unreservedly recommend Karsten Schmidt.

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