Consulting for Corporate Sustainability in Dresden

Sustainable corporate development

Opportunities for social, ecological & economic sustainability

My corporate sustainability consulting covers economic, environmental and social aspects.

Many people use terms like “organic,” “ecological,” and “sustainable” interchangeably, and maybe you do too. Yet sustainability in a holistic sense has three aspects:

  • social sustainability,
  • ecological sustainability,
  • and economic sustainability.

Together, we take a look at all three aspects and how your company is positioned with respect to them. So we use the consultation to find, measure and develop opportunities for improvement. In addition, experience has shown that this approach also has the effect of increasing profits in the long term.

From strategy to project & time management

A nice concept and spreadsheets from the foundation are very patient both as paper and as a file. So how do you get it all structured into doing?

Employees also often wonder how their manager envisioned the implementation of the goals and whether they are realistic at all.

These questions determine this set of topics. So, on the one hand, we work out strategic goals, important milestones and results together. And on the other hand, you will learn proven methods to achieve them.

Außerdem hinterfragen wir sowohl die geplante als auch die bestehende Teamorganisation. Das heißt wir identifizieren Prozesse, Stärken und Schwächen und wie Dein Team diese handhaben kann. Mein Ziel dabei ist es, Dein Team in seiner inneren Zufriedenheit zu unterstützen. Denn ist das Team mit sich im reinen, sind Ziele ein leichtes und Kunden glücklich.

Boostrapping & Leanmanagement

Whether it’s time, money, team skills or other resources, how do you make the most of everything at your disposal?
And how can you still achieve great things with as little effort as possible?

These are the key issues that are worth working on every day, including these topics.

Network with concrete contacts

Of course I can’t help you perfectly in all business questions. Therefore I offer you a selection of specialists from my network. It is important to me that you achieve the maximum benefit with your resources. So it often depends on the proverbial tip of the nose. My recommendations are therefore based on your needs and on you as a person.

That means for the areas for which you need support, I offer you the contacts that fit you professionally AND as a person.


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