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Free Business start-up seminar in Dresden / Online

On this page you will find the contents of the coaching in the business start-up seminar, whether you participate on site in Dresden or online. Your big advantage in this seminar is that you get a one-on-one consultation. So it’s all about you and your idea.

Since the seminar is divided into individually selectable blocks. That is, you can put together the desired content from the individual modules themselves.

Module 1 Entrepreneurial personality


It can happen that 3 to 4 weeks pass between our first conversation and the approval and in this time often things have already changed, the idea, the circumstances, the team. We therefore check the fine-tuning to the contents of the measure and readjust if necessary. So we make sure you get the best possible advice. Note: Rush approvals are still possible!)

In addition, we take a look at your character type, your strengths and weaknesses and develop ways to best deal with them in your self-employment. Furthermore, we will work out your entrepreneurial and private vision together. Finally, we check your business idea and outline your company in a business model canvas. Thus, we can make an initial assessment of your project and identify possible gaps and hurdles.

Modul 2 Concept, business plan and financial plan


As we work out the individual points of your idea in detail and refine your concept, we create the basis for your business plan. After that, you can describe the following points in detail:

  • Company organization,
  • Enterprise wages, investments, capital requirements, cost planning,
  • Sales planning, liquidity planning, profitability forecast

and are able to prepare a business plan.

Modul 3 Legal, taxes, accounting, risk management


After you have an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of the possible legal forms, you will also learn how you must appear legally secure formally outward. In addition, I will give you an overview of possible insurances and which ones are advisable. This also includes how to cover yourself with health, unemployment and pension insurance. In addition, we take a look at:

  • the tax basics on sales tax / business tax / income tax,
  • tax traps and tax assessments,
  • accounting, commercial and tax accounting,
  • the revenue surplus accounting, depreciation, pricing, cash accounting and receivables,
  • crisis and risk management.

Modul 4 Marketing, sales, online marketing and data protection


First there is a small introduction to the purpose and content of marketing. Then I show you important points of customer orientation based on the target group analysis. For this we work out the customer benefit specifically and how you can communicate it. Then we use the so-called marketing mix to look at your company from the customer’s point of view. We also examine your market in more detail and conduct a competitive analysis.

On the topic of sales, we look at topics such as:

  • Sales planning or controlling,
  • Phone and customer meetings,
  • Trade show appearances as well as
  • Customer retention.

After you have received an introduction to online marketing and we have recorded your current situation, we work together to develop meaningful ways to develop your own online presence.

In addition, there is an introduction to data protection, i.e. the rights of customers and your obligations, as well as relevant documentation.

Modul 5* Specifics of the catering/hotel industry


This module is not applicable if your start-up does not fall into this area. I.e. you can only select it if you are founding a company in the gastronomy sector. We then check, for example, the calculation of your menu or similar.

Modul 6 Financing and bank talks


How a bank rating works and which influencing factors do you have to consider? These points are the basis of the module. In addition, you will be coached for your financing discussions and accompanied to them. Afterwards you will receive an evaluation.

Modul 7 Self-management, leadership and foundation


I’ll show you ways to prioritize faster and easier to better achieve your goals. In doing so, we link your vision and mission with strategy and business management. In addition, we also work on topics such as modern leadership behavior and negotiations.

Finally, we develop a roadmap for the next 12 months.

If you have read all the contents, secure now your comprehensive business start-up seminar in Dresden with up to 108 hours of consulting. As mentioned above, you can get advice both directly in Dresden and online.


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Many thanks for the implementation of my plans! Karsten has optimally accompanied me on the way to my self-employment despite a very short time. The communication was excellent despite the Corona pandemic. In addition to the “general” help on the business plan and financial plan, he gave me valuable tips on the subject of mindset and organization. I can recommend him with the utmost conviction!

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