Grants for women in rural areas

Grant for women living in rural areas

With this grant for women, the state of Saxony, supports women in rural areas in their business start-up. I.e. you can apply for it in addition to the other subsidies before and after the foundation.

The aim here is not only to promote equal opportunities and equality. It is also intended to promote life in small towns and rural areas.

For you, this means that you can receive up to 8000 euros in funding for your start-up in rural areas. Up to this sum, you can then, for example, make necessary purchases or have them at least partially paid for.

1. Prerequisites

There are only 2 requirements:

  • Your main residence and center of life are in the Free State of Saxony is


  • You want to build up a sole proprietorship in a rural area

I.e. Saxony helps you to build up your self-employment.

2. Application

You can apply for this at any time via the SAB [external website]. For the application you need the following documents:

  • Business start-up concept or business plan, including an analysis of the competition and customer potentials
  • Profitability forecast for 3 years
  • [if applicable, a detailed financing & capital requirement plan, if not sufficiently presentable in point 8 of the application].
  • List of de minimis subsidies received or applied for with corresponding evidence
  • Business registration/registration or registration with the tax office after foundation
  • Curriculum vitae in tabular form
  • specimen signature (copy of personal document)

If you have any questions regarding the concept, business and financial plan or profitability forecast, you can get initial suggestions here. If you need support in the preparation of these documents, you can get this free of charge through a so-called activation and placement voucher (AVGS). With the help of this voucher you get access to a founder seminar, where (also I) support you in the preparation of the documents. No matter if you have questions about the AVGS or the funding itself, you are always welcome to contact me. The first appointment is free of charge.

3. Process

To get this grant for rural women founders, you need to do the following:

If you have any questions or need help with your application, please contact us.

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Karsten Schmidt is a very competent coach. Working with him has helped me enormously and prepared me well for my self-employment. Within a very short time, we went through an extremely large number of topics without overloading it. He explained topics that always seemed incomprehensible and dry to me in a very practical and understandable way. He was able to implement my business plan as quickly as possible and successfully promote my business idea. Thank you very much!

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