Your steps to write a business plan

These are the steps to write a perfect business plan. We can work through these steps together. I will guide you through each step and help you to find and name the really important things.


What drives you and what do you want to achieve with your company?

As you might guess, this is not about money. Rather, we’re clarifying here what you and your products and services have to offer the world.

This point is essential and forms the basis of your strategy for communication and sustainability.

Customer Value

Who benefits from your products and services? In other words, the main thing here is to examine your idea in detail to see whether, what and how much benefit it will create for your customers. Because what is of no use to anyone, you will not be able to sell, no matter how good the idea is.
In addition, these elaborations also form the basis for defining your target groups and your market.

So we are working here on the essence of your business concept.

Business model

After you know what it benefits your customers and who your customers are, there are other steps to take. For example: How exactly are my products defined and what all is there to do?

After that, you need to clarify who you need to work with and what the costs will be. Only when these questions are clarified, you have a business model.


This point primarily illuminates the profitability. I.e. we examine your business model and/or individual ranges exactly whether and how they are profitable for you. You can derive from it capital requirements and even parts of the marketing strategy.

A neatly prepared calculation will also help you to convince potential financiers of your idea.


Finally, you summarize the results of the previous steps. A well-done business plan will help you to obtain funding from lenders and the employment agency.

If you are unsure about some points or do not know exactly what or how much is enough, feel free to write me a message or look at the steps BEFORE you start your business. Then we can check together, what goes in, how to describe your idea clearly and map the profitability.

When everything is clear and you are fully satisfied with the business plan and financial plan, you can work through the 9 steps to self-employment.

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Karsten Schmidt guided my start-up in a wonderful, clear, helpful way.

The starting point of his accompaniment was a vague business idea, sketched on a DIN A4 page. This idea developed into a viable business model over the course of the consultation, I got to know myself better and am now walking my path with my heart’s business clearly and with ease.

Thank you so much!

Felix Kemna (bei google)

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