get Activation and placement voucher (AVGS)

Activation and placement voucher (AVGS)

With an activation and placement voucher (AVGS), you can secure free coaching on the topic of business start-ups. I.e. you can improve your chances in the foundation itself considerably and this has two essential reasons.
On the one hand you do not make the same mistakes as many before and after you – including myself 19 years ago. And secondly, it increases your chances of receiving subsidies such as the Gründungszuschuss, the GründerINNENprämie and many more.

Of course, it depends on whether you need such measures and if so, which ones. You can find out the actual need in a personal conversation with me or the responsible person at the employment agency or the job center.

Especially the latter decides together with you whether a measure will help you or not. If so, your placement specialist can issue a so-called activation and placement voucher (AVGS).

Please note that the AVGS is a so-called discretionary benefit. This means that you have no legal claim to it. Whether you get a voucher is ultimately decided by the employment agency or the job center. So prepare yourself well for the interview. If you want, I can help you in a free appointment.

1. Prerequisites

In addition to the right argumentation about your background, you also need a comprehensible idea for your self-employment. A corresponding previous education or professional experience usually underpin the foundation. An appropriate hobby or general market trends are also helpful. But don’t worry, lateral entries can also be supported if you can justify them well. The better you can prove a market for your products or services, the easier this will be.

2. Application for activation and placement voucher

As already mentioned, two appointments are useful before applying for your activation voucher. The first one is with me (free of charge) to clarify your background and the reasoning. Second one with the person who is responsible for you at the employment agency or the job center.

The application itself can be done informally. As an additional support, I provide you with the following GERMAN template. It should help you to apply for the AVGS.

Kopiere Dir jetzt den Text aus der Vorlage, um Deinen Gutschein zu beantragen.

My Name
Freedomstreet 123
02025 Utopia

Arbeitsagentur bzw. Jobcenter
ZIP City

Date: ___.___.______

Antrag auf einen Aktivierungs- und Vermittlungsgutschein (AVGS)

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

ich möchte gern schnellstmöglich eine selbstständige Tätigkeit aufnehmen. Daher beantrage ich die Ausstellung eines persönlichen Aktivierungs- & Vermittlungsgutscheines.

Mit dem Gutschein möchte ich die Maßnahme Heranführung an die tragfähige Selbstständigkeit (144 UE) für meine sorgfältige Vorbereitung nutzen. Dies ist mir wichtig, das ich nicht alle Regeln in Deutschland kenne.

Außerdem ist mir eine hohe Qualität sowie ausreichend Zeit für den sprachlichen Mehraufwand im Coaching wichtig. Darum bitte ich Sie, mir einen Zeitraum von 8 Wochen für die Durchführung der o. g. Maßnahme zu gewähren.Bitte genehmigen sie die Maßnahme auch als Einzelcoaching und zur Online-Durchführung.

Wenn Sie meinen Antrage umgehende bearbeiten, würde mir das sehr helfen, da ich gern schnellstmöglich meine derzeitige berufliche Situation verändern möchte.
Im Falle einer Ablehnung meines Antrages, bitte ich um einen schriftlichen Bescheid mit Nennung der Ablehnungsgründe.

Vielen Dank vorab für Ihre Unterstützung

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

If you receive a rejection, you should always ask for a written explanation. It happens again and again that a voucher is granted after all 😉

3. Process

The process is quite simple, but often takes longer than you might have thought. Therefore, I have compiled all the important stations and time periods for you here:

  • Initial interview with me (30-45 min.)
  • Talks with placement specialist and application for AVGS (according to above template, 30-45 min.)
  • Dispatch of the voucher to me,
  • (2-3 working days)
  • Submission of the voucher by me or my certified training provider (2-3 working days)
  • Approval by the employment agency or job center (5-10 working days by mail, possibly faster by email after consultation)
  • Start/execution of the coaching (the measure) within according to the discussed and approved time period
  • Start-up and, if necessary, application for corresponding subsidies such as start-up allowance, start-up subsidy, start-up bonus, etc.)
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Working with Karsten was super helpful, encouraging and interesting. I would definitely recommend him as a coach. The good time management and structure helped me a lot to work out everything important for the foundation without stress.
Thanks a million!!!

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